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Tourists who fit the definition of FITs usually travel solo; in couples; or in small, intimate groups of friends or family. They range anywhere in age from millennials to retirees, but generally, they have above-average incomes that allow for independent travel, which can be more expensive than traveling with an organized group.

Our team understands the desire of these segment of travelling guests who usually avoid mass in favor of an individualized, independent approach. They tend to explore their chosen destinations on their own and at their own pace with an emphasis on enjoying the local food, architecture, history, and culture.

Majorly, FITs Plan Their Own Trips. The huge rise in availability of all aspects of travel planning online, including even websites devoted to helping them learn how to plan travel, has made it easier for independent travelers to plan their own specialized itineraries and book their own transportation and accommodations.

We have exactly aligned our business to this space & introduced our Retail Portal @ “” , which is an AI driven & Automated service fundamentals based platform for guests to prepare there own itineraries with automated research based consultancies.

The families, associates and extended members can also form groups to book customized and offline based products, which is specific to our GIT based services. However, currently we do not have date based destination departures.

Who We Are

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