Who We Are

5D Global Travel Solutions’ core team comprises talent, experience, and expertise from the Industry. With years of experience under their belt the core team brings together multidimensional core values, they’ve learned from experience and bring to you the best in class practices only.

Each founder member also aligns to bring an enriched and specific domain expertise basis their enormous industry experience.


5D Global Travel Solutions is a unique business platform that leverages Product, Services, Deals, Technology & Brand to unlock & enhance Experiential Value in an extremely macro-based offering by creating a classy ecosystem to enrich customer satisfaction in their respective value chains.

eventOur Business

The business fundamentals are incredibly attractive & intense where both offline and virtual platforms collaborate between multifaceted products of MICE, FIT & GIT (Individual & Group Tours), Niche & Special Interest product Wing (SIT) and Enterprise Travel, i.e. basis locally & globally scheduled events.

teamOur Gen-Next Business Strategy

Aligning our business with the growth of AI driven & Automated service fundamentals, we introduce our Retail Portal @ klicknbook.com and our Corporate Procurement Solution initiative for all Incentive-Loyalty-Hospitality-Travel based requirements in form of our Unique Marketplace platform @ “5Dx”.


To make travel experiential, enterprising, simpler, delightful & productive through uniquely innovative engagement by providing ethical, efficient, effective, honest, transparent & sustainable professional services to our clients.



To provide outstanding travel & event experiences by curating inspiring journeys, meetings, unique incentive trips, immersive experiences & event solutions that support the client’s objectives @ 360 degrees.

Our Endeavor

In “Our Endeavor” to provide Safety and Hygiene based transactions, we at 5D signify the ”5th Dimension”, a platform to integrate the ‘mind’ with the ‘heart’, which epitomizes experiential service with excellence.

We are here to build a Commercially Viable Efficacy in the Holistic Business Ecosystem, our 5th Dimension showcases